Y.S. Park Teasing Comb

1. Double Zig-Zag Lines
Small Things Can Makes A Big Difference In The Result. Each Inner Tooth Has Been Uniquly Designed In A “V-Line Shape” (Zig-Zag Design) To Easily Tease The Hair And Create Volume. This Very Unique Shape Was Invented By Y.S.Park.
2. ”Triple Teeth”
One Of The Unique Design Of Ys-150 Is The Triple Tooth Design. The Unique Three Teeth Line Facilitates The Teasing Of The Hair.
3. Flexibility And Strength
The Outter Teeth Are Made Of A More Flexible Material, While The Inner Teeth Are Made Of A Sturdier Carbon To Provide Better Tension. The Carbon Also Acts As An Anti-Static.
4. Specially Designed “Inner Carbon Fine Teeth”.
The Y.S.Park Teasing Comb Has Been Designed Through Many Tests. The Narrow And Balanced Spacing Of The “Inner Fine Teeth” Is Ideal For Creating Gorgoeus And Volumous Hair Styles.
5. Excellent Grip
The Texturized Hand Grip, And Unique Holes In The Back Provide Optimal Support While Styling Even When Hands Are Slippery With Product.

UNIT COLOR: Black, Pink, White
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