Y.S. Park Flex Carbon Barber Comb

1) Incredibly soft.
2) Great for polishing off and finishing a look.
3) The ideal comb when cutting scissors over comb.
4) Perfect thickness and width of the comb allows you to work & cut quickly, easily and effortlessly.
5) The gradual tapering of the tips of the teeth allows you to bend the comb against the head to reach the shortest hairs.
6) Texturized teeth, allow you to tame the most unruly hair.
7) Super flexible plastic is gentle on the scalp, while the strong teeth make combing the hair easy.
8) The ergonomic design features a unique handle that offers total comfort and control.
9) Texturized plastic gives a natural soft touch, similar to the feeling of natural leather.

UNIT COLOR: Black, White
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