Y.S. Park Carbon Tiger Hair Brush 54mm

1. Handle Made Of Wood Coated With Carbon, Which Eliminates Static From The Hair.
2. A Combination Of Natural Boar Bristles And Nylon Pins.
3. Nano Silver Pins Provide An Antibacterial Effect.
4. The Boar Bristles Create Maximum Tension And Add Shine To The Hair.
5. The Hexagonal Shape Of The Handel Combined With The Holes Prevents Your Hands From Sweating While Providing An Excellent Grip.
6. The Bristled End Of The Brush Is Longer Than A Standered Brush Allowig More Hair To Be Blow Dried At A Time.

Availble In:
Ys-580: Pin Diameter 60Mm, Boar Diameter 46Mm, Curl Diameter 115Mm
Ys-560: Pin Diameter 54Mm, Boar Diameter 42Mm, Curl Diameter 105Mm
Ys-510: Pin Diameter 48Mm, Boar Diameter 36Mm, Curl Diameter 90Mm
Ys-490: Pin Diameter 42Mm, Boar Diameter 33Mm, Curl Diameter 83Mm

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