Y.S. Park Carbon Super Tint Rat Tail Comb

1) Modified design of the body allows you to hold the comb in your hand more securely.
2) From tip to tail every next tooth of the comb located on 0.01 mm closer. This design helps to allocate the pressure during the combing.
3) The most tightly spaced teeth in the market!!! Research revealed that a shorter distance between the teeth allows for smoother combing through the hair.
4) The teeth are the same size as the standard roller for Japanese perms.
5) Thanks to the double layered hand grip, the comb will not slip out of your hands.
6) The upper tooth is shortened to make parting the hair easier (facilitates sectioning).
7) Because the base of the teeth is square-shaped, the hair can be combed through easily without causing it to get stuck or pulled. –
8) Texturized plastic gives a natural soft touch similar to the feeling of natural leather.
9) Because of the holes in the spine, the comb is flexible and will not cause unnecessary pressure on the scalp or tension to the hair.
10) Made of super “imido” plastic, which will prevent chemicals from services from penetrating into, and damaging the comb.
11) Y.S. Park uses an extremely durable plastic, which will not melt or get damaged due to high heat or friction.

UNIT COLOR: Black, White
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