Foot Expertise Deo Refresh 2In1 – 125Ml

Refreshing deodorant for feet & shoes. 2 in 1 action: refreshing + deodorizing. Ideal to keep the feet hygienically fresh and pleasantly odour-free, soothing itching and burning sensations. The anti-microbial activity of TRICLOSAN and TRIETHYL CITRATE neutralizes and prevents bad odours, is effective against fungi formation and regulates foot transpiration. MENTHOL supplies a boost of long-lasting freshness, exerting a decongestant andanti-inflammatory action. Providing a protection against fungal infection, it is ideal to be used as a preventive care, before and after a stay in changing rooms ofgymns, swimming pools, saunas or in hotel rooms. Ingredients: Triclosan | Menthol | Triethyl Citrate. Approved by your skin: Free from PARABENS | SLS/SLES | SILICONS | PEG/PPG | MINERAL OILS | COLOURING AGENTS. Suitable for all foot skin types and for any footwear (sports shoes, ski boots, sandals, leather shoes), it does not leave any residues.