Foot Expertise Cracks Refiller – 75Ml

Cracks Refiller repairing cream for cracked and fissured heels. A rich and highly effective treatment with soothing, replenishing and calming action,to repair severely cracked heels prone to, or suffering from, fissures. The hydro-regulative active ingredients support NMF, acting with regenerating and remedial effect against hyperkeratosis, activating the natural skinregeneration process and helping to restore healthy skin. XpertMoist® acts as a powerful humectant,hydrating and moisturizing the skin in depth. Ingredients: XpertMoist® (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract + Proline + Alanine + Serine)NMF substitute = Sodium Lactate | Sodium PCA | Glycine | Fructose | Lactic Acid | Niacinamide | Inositol. Approved by your skin: Free from PARABENS | SLS/SLES | SILICONS | ALCOHOL | PEG/PPG | MINERAL OILS | COLOURING AGENTS.Suitable for all foot skin types, also for skins affected by diabetes and dermatitis.